Homeschool Gets More Media Publicity

Okay, this is one of the best articles I’ve ever read about homeschooling–ever!

For those of you who have never heard of the Onion, I should probably explain that the incredible, hilarious article about homeschool that I’m about to post here is a comic piece–meant to be funny–but one that hits so close to home that you have to laugh. And oh, how I laughed!!

The Onion’s aim is to help us laugh about current events, and while I don’t endorse them often (because their videos and articles sometimes have expletives and other un-family friendly content), I wholeheartedly endorse this article, giving it a homeschooling mom’s five star rating! 🙂

Here is the article:,17159/


The Search for Quality School Books

Jennefer at the Smooth Stones Academy blog has recently posted an excellent, informative run-down of the different books they have tried in their homeschool, complete with her notes about what is and is not working. For parents who need advice and guidance before making those school book purchases, this is a must-read! You can read her post here:

For other great book ideas, you can also check out Cellista’s weekly homeschool reports, which chronicle the weekly books read, assignments completed, and activities undertaken in her home school (though I’m biased in recommending this site–Cellista uses the same curriculum that I do!). Here’s a recent report from her blog:

Science With Friends

Well, I’ve finally done it. When sadness threatened to get the best of me (after our local homeschool group wouldn’t let us join because we are Mormon), I dried my tears and went to work to make life more livable here for me and my  children. I decided to start up a NEW homeschool group!

I started with just a few homeschooling families that were willing to let my children play with their children. After some playdates, outings, and homeschool activities together, we are really enjoying each other’s company, and I feel good knowing that I’m supporting an endeavor that welcomes homeschool families of ALL religions and races.

Here is a look at our recent Science Club activities:

It has been so much fun having other families to come with us to the Science museum, singing classes, library story time, and so on. The children have been much happier now that they have made some friends, and I enjoy the relaxed tone of this casual homeschool group–no committee meetings, dues, or red tape whatsoever! 🙂