Organic Movement

As in, organic dancing. Think soft and gentle movement, as opposed to the harsher, ligament-endangering dance styles:

My daughters have been attending a fabulous dance school that teaches dancing in a way that taps into the body’s natural ability to move with beauty and grace, rather than forcing it to fit some acrobatically challenging or dangerously joint-crunching moves (as is the case with ballet, gymnastic dance, and some other forms of dance that teach children how to manipulate the body’s natural capabilities in order to win points or earn money).

This healthy, more organic form of dancing is called the Isadora Duncan method. Here is an example:

I wish my own camera had been good enough to capture the amazing movements of my girls as they moved across the dance floor at their recital, but alas, someone else’s YouTube video will have to suffice. Here are some great stills of the girls, though:

Note the modest costumes? The lack of sparkles, spangles, and stage makeup? Yeah–it is another aspect of Isadora Duncan’s dance methods that I LOVE. It is Au Naturel in EVERY sense of the word!

And the boys?

Well, they were bored silly through the entire recital. They made poor Dad miss out on most of it, as he toted fussy toddlers around in the foyer to try to keep them quiet. Oh well–we can’t all be lovers of the arts! šŸ™‚


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