From a Former Homeschooler

Now that my children are in public school, I appreciate those who aknowledge that any school system is as effective as the people are good. I recently tuned in to the Dave Ramsey show and heard him say the following:

“To say that all public schools are evil would be ridiculous . . . our kids went for a couple of years to a private Christian school because we were all concerned about the devil running the public school, but then we found out that the devil was there, too—turns out he is everywhere. We thought we had a protective cocoon for our kids, but if you are looking for a protective cocoon for your kids, it does not exist. You still have to parent, you still have to teach your kids. Parents have more to do with the way kids turn out than the schools do.” –Dave Ramsey


2 responses to “From a Former Homeschooler

  1. Please elaborate on your decision to place your children in public school. Many of your blog entries site reasons why you do not appreciate your children being away from you, inside brick buildings, without the freedom to explore and learn organically. I am struggling with homeschool vs. public school and am interested in your reasons. Thanks

    • Well, it definitely was a decision based on what was right for our family at this time. We live in an area where homeschoolers are all white, and where homeschooling became “en vogue” only after schools were integrated, so we are supporting the public schools for their effort to integrate the races. I started this blog while living in an area where such racial disparity didn’t exist, so homeschool groups were a more diverse bunch.

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