My new FAVORITE homeschool site!

I can’t believe I didn’t hear of this fabulous site sooner! Where has it been all my life?

Curriculum Choice Homeschool Review Blog

Real reviews about real homeschool products by homeschool moms who know what they are talking about (and who know how to blog) and who know the sorts of questions we all want to ask about the books and programs we’ve never tried before.

This site is a must-read for homeschool moms!



The Search for Quality School Books

Jennefer at the Smooth Stones Academy blog has recently posted an excellent, informative run-down of the different books they have tried in their homeschool, complete with her notes about what is and is not working. For parents who need advice and guidance before making those school book purchases, this is a must-read! You can read her post here:

For other great book ideas, you can also check out Cellista’s weekly homeschool reports, which chronicle the weekly books read, assignments completed, and activities undertaken in her home school (though I’m biased in recommending this site–Cellista uses the same curriculum that I do!). Here’s a recent report from her blog:

Improving a Child’s Memory

Children love to memorize things! Don’t believe me? Just observe how children beg for their favorite stories, songs, or movies over and over–because they want to memorize the passages, lyrics, or dialogue.

As we get older, however, we lose our enthusiasm for the repetitive process of memorization (whereas kids love repetitive actions–like spinning around in circles for hours on end!), so it is important to nurture the passion for memorization while they are young, to help enhance their ability to remember as they get older!

Our new grammar program has been a wonderful resource of kid-friendly poems to memorize (in addition to studying them). Here is Dizzy with one of her most recent assignments:

This excellent grammar program also has a corresponding CD with great songs to help children memorize the various parts of speech, punctuation rules, and other helpful grammar hints:

But the grammar program itself is EXCELLENT!

If you–or anyone you know–can’t tell a predicate from a proposition or an adverb from a definite article, this grammar program will not only help you finally understand the difference, but it will also teach your children history, classic literature, and science, as each lesson includes passages from history or great books, which will make your children want to read more, too!

To download a FREE sample lesson from this book–and try it out with your own children–click HERE.

Where’d She Learn to Talk Like That?

True story:

My 8 year-old, Dizzy, is talking to a ten year-old during a recent home school gathering.

“Are you good at art?” my daughter asks her.

“Well,” the ten year-old muses, “I do try to pay attention to detail when I draw. This means I’ll be good at art if I keep practicing.”

Say what? I’ve never heard ten year-old kids use phrases like “attention to detail” or mention the importance of “practice makes perfect.” This girl has the vocabulary and understanding of a young adult! Yet another side effect of spending her days learning in the home, I suppose! 🙂