Organic Learning Made Easy

Teaching children the natural way is NOT that hard (and these true horror stories prove that public school teacher standards are much lower). If you want someone to do all the work for you (so you can focus on enjoying your children, caring for your home, or even keep a career on the side) you might enjoy these prepackaged homeschool curricula, which come highly recommended in the homeschooling world. They also offer teacher assistance and consultations for home educators:

The Calvert School (a prestigious private school in Maryland that now caters to home schools)

Sonlight Curriculum (a Christian-based curriculum so excellent that it produces future Ivy Leaguers)

K-12 (a free service, funded by state governments, available online for cash-strapped parents, but comes with a warning)

Organic Learning Made Excellent

For parents who want to really challenge their children and give them the most excellent education available–the kind that our founding fathers and the great minds of the past enjoyed–then the Classical Education approach is the best way to go (note: you will detect an extreme amount of bias here because this is the curriculum that we use!).

To get started, you must first read this guide: The Well-Trained Mind, which contains all the studies, books, resources, and schedules that will help you create the perfect Classical Home School!


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