Cozy Math for Kids

Isn’t it fun to study at home, where the chairs are soft and the teacher snuggles with you while you read or recite stuff?

My kids sure think so! Check out Dizzy’s little “study hut” in the family room:

When my children were in public school, they were privileged to study the most excellent Saxon Math. Now that we are living in a school district where they use a different math program (that is nowhere near as good), I am happy to be homeschooling again and giving my children this very lovable math curriculum:

Indeed, if you ask my daughters which subject is their favorite of all, they will say “MATH!”

This year, my oldest daughter is in 4th grade Saxon math (pictured above).  I must say that I am impressed with the tidy way she organizes her scratch paper:

But whether the child’s scratch paper is messy or neat, I am just thrilled to know that they love math, which is actually an exciting subject to study–at least, it is when taught the right way, and when the child learns it in an environment that’s conducive to deep thoughts and serious reflection: