Why Public School?

My children are back in public school right now, so I get a lot of “why” questions from homeschooler friends. That’s okay–I heard the same question from public school friends when I switched from public to homeschool, too.

My reasons for returning to public school include:

  • I was homeschooled as a child, but attended public school as well. I am SO glad my parents exposed me to both!
  • I’m not anti-public school as a result; I simply prefer homeschool over the two
  • Right now, my husband is finishing his doctorate and we have a house in another state that hasn’t sold for almost four years, so we are focusing more on my career right now (for the helpful income boost it brings)
  • My oldest returned to public school even before finances necessitated it, because she was developing an attitude of “My mom is an idiot!” and I found she listened better to non-Mom teachers.
  • We live in a very small town (population ~1,000) where the teachers are generally good Christians who love children (with only a couple of exceptions, but my kids are learning patience from it).
  • Homeschool groups here are %100 white middle class-to-upper class, and I wanted my children to experience diversity
  • After a couple of very trying years with some of my more strong-willed children, I needed a break! 🙂

Still, I love homeschool and what it stands for, and I *do* dream of homeschooling again, so I’m keeping this blog open, in the event that I’m able to homeschool again one day (and I really hope that I can!).



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